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Being an Adult is HARD

70 Percent Adult LLC

There are so many parts to this adult thing, I can NEVER manage them all at once. I mean, when you really think about everything we're responsible can be kind of overwhelming. From cleaning and doing laundry, to getting up for work, and my least favorite, keeping up with the price of food and gas. Man! The crazy part is, those are only the basics of adulthood. As we all know, it gets A LOT more complicated than that. At times, I find myself having the urge to vent to someone ANYONE about the struggles of adulting. That was the inspiration for this blog. This will be a place where we can come and share our 70% Adult scenarios. The kind where we BARELY made it, but we made it nonetheless. If you something that you would like to submit, please send it to . Your story may be featured on our site! (submissions will always remain anonymous for your comfort) I look forward to hearing from you all and helping each other along the way.




A 70% Adult